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My CL adventure

18th April 2024 - 15:22 | London, Se London

Around 5 years ago, I put a CL ad out, early morning fun with a woman for an agreed amount. One reply caught my eye, 28 years old, redhead. nice figure, liked the things I like: oily massage, oral and sex. A single mum, she said she could host after her school run.

She lived in SE London. A little out of my way, but I wanted her, my cock was making all the decisions now.

After a few emails back and forth, we agreed a date. I'd go to hers, 9am. She lived in a tower block which would have been a no-no in the evening, but as it was 9am and no-one was about, just heightened my anticipation. I pressed the intercom, she let me in.

My heart was racing as the lift took me to her flat, on the 8th floor. I knocked on her door, she took an age to answer it. When she did, I was bowled over, so much better-looking in person. No make-up, wearing a bathrobe. I knew I'd made the right choice.

We exchanged a few pleasantries and she was happy to start by massaging me. I stripped off, she took off her robe to reveal a lacy bra and panties. Her tits were magnificent, pendulous without being too saggy. I laid face down on her bed, blood going to the right place, and just before this, caught her admiring my rear!

She massaged me slowly and deliberately, like she hadn't done this before. We talked a bit as she did this, and I felt us both relax because of it. My legs parted slightly as I got more comfortable, she then stopped massaging me for a few seconds...I wondered why but then heard the sound of her bra unclipping. I couldn't believe this was happening...

She then climbed onto the bed, rubbing her tits against my back. This was amazing, I could feel my cock getting unbearably hard. And I could tell she definitely enjoyed rubbing herself against my bum. Gods....

After a few minutes of this, I suggested I'd massage her. We essentially swapped positions. I started on her back, my still heavy cock brushing against her legs. I could feel her breath quickening, I had to get her panties off. When I asked if I could remove them, she looked over her shoulder and said, "Yeah", her voice suggesting I didn't need to ask.

Both of us naked, I now massaged from her ankles up to her quivering bum. I repeated this, slowing each time, letting my fingers brush her clit, which was already moist. Slowly, I rubbed her clit, up and down. She moaned as I slipped one, then two fingers inside her. Hearing her moan turned me on so much, I just had to kiss her. So I lay on top of her, still face down, kissing her neck while my throbbing cock was sliding on her clit. This went on for a few minutes, then finally, she spoke:

"Do you want me to turn over?"
"Why, don't you like what I'm doing?"

Then, she arched her back slightly, and pushed herself back, and my cock slipped into her! This was sooo good. She then looked over her shoulder again, we started kissing passionately, my hands interlocking with hers as I fucked her slowly. I could feel her pussy throbbing around me, both our hips grinding into each other as she shuddered to orgasm.

I then lay on my back, she climbed on top, rubbing my cock with her pussy, and then guiding it in again. Watching her tits as she rode me made me even harder. I could feel myself approaching the point of no return, so gave her fair warning:

"I'm gonna cum...", I whispered.

Amazingly, instead of climbing off, she just nodded and smiled approvingly...then enveloped my full length even deeper, letting me know it was ok to cum inside her...I held on for about 45 seconds before I shot a massive load up inside her. I was cumming for ages, and she milked me until I'd stopped.

I couldn't believe what had just happened.

And within minutes we were agreeing to meet again, which we did many times over the next year. I remember them all...

Things did fizzle out after a while. Now and then, I do think about her. Trying to put a similar CL ad now is almost impossible, which is a shame!
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