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A beautiful and natural summer confluence

3rd July 2022 - 11:32 | London, Windsor

Our Special Sunday.
Dearest Jill, I cannot tell you how so much I enjoyed being with you yesterday afternoon and to spend the time talking and touching as we did. I love everything about you: your seemingly worldly innocence, your elegant natural beauty and your soft, enchanting voice are all an immense aphrodisiac for me. I found your Angel Cards a delight and the beautiful nude images were quite inspiring – I shall research the original art hopefully later on today. I must confess that I do so enjoy visually, the normally proportioned nude human form - both male and female but particularly the wonderful and pure, naked, svelte feminine form. Your gentle touching of my aroused lingam; to see and feel the soft touch of your womanly hands and fingers upon my fullness has charged me with such vitality – I feel so virile once again. I profoundly hope that it was equally pleasing for you too: my size, hardness and colour and the size and heft of my testes you so kindly fondled - a particular delight. I was so thrilled to be able to touch your Little Lady too and I long to gaze upon her and feel her smoothness too. I have so often dreamed of kissing her, teasing the exquisite soft folds with my hot tongue, taking her entirety into my mouth, drawing her in and gradually lapping all your yielding vulva and exploring the blossoming clitoris in her entirety. As your arousal builds and flows: to taste your body will be a simply divine happening that I know I can only dream of at the moment. Perhaps at some time in the future, and only if you so desire to, might you wish to take my fullness into your lovely mouth too? – to see, for however briefly, your red lips in a supreme embrace of my manhood and the lightest touch on my shaft of your tongue and teeth would be ecstasy for me. After we had walked back up the garden and I was warmed by the sunlight there, I simply had to release myself from my undiminished arousal which I now so crave that you could have beheld: as my testes were pulled hard up into my groin and my searing, pulsing erection extended completely, my ivory white ejaculate potently spurted, sparkling and arching through the late summer sunlight spilling onto the garden there for you. I know and accept that for the foreseeable future that we will be virtual lovers and I deeply respect your discretion and council regarding our domestic situations – I know at times I probably appear overly eager and adventurous to meet and talk passionately when perhaps there are loved family members at home which is reckless and unwise as you have quite rightly counselled previously so. Until our next heavenly happening.
Forever your dearest loving friend and with fondest love-Steve. X

Jill, regretfully is no longer available. Would a slim/medium, naturally elegant lady (50+) wish to re-experience this beautiful meeting of like minded souls in the seclusion of your summer garden or private home perhaps? And take it to a mutually satisfying conclusion? East Berkshire or south Home Counties - with your email with a face photo we'll exchange full nude body photos and take it from there. Complete discretion and absolute cleanliness expected and assured. Cannot accommodate - your private home only.
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