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I slept with my friends dad

13th July 2022 - 1:52 | Brighton, Brighton

Hi, so as the title says i slept with my friends dad. No one knows about this other than me and him and just wanted to post it somewhere and see if it has happened to anyone else?

It happened about a year ago and was only a one time thing. I was drunk and at my friends place, she ended up staying at her bfs and let me stay at hers. Her mum was away for work and her dad came home from the pub to find me just sat in her living room drunk watching tv. We chatted and drunk more and things got flirty. However, i then felt sick so ran up to the toilet to be sick and once i had finished in the bathroom he was in his room in bed.

I walked in and apologised and he said not to be silly it happens. It was quite dark in his room as he only had the bedside lamp on and i sat on the end of the bed and said to him i think its time i go to bed. He agreed by saying yes i think it is and pulled back the cover revealing his hard cock. It was bigger than any i had seen before and nice and thick too.

I was shocked and he said to me come on i know you're horny get your lips around it. Being as drunk as i was i didn't really think about him being so much older than me and just did as he said.

Surely someone else has had a similar situation?

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