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Masseur Went Too Far

22nd July 2022 - 9:14 | Luton, Luton

This happened a number of years ago but for some reason been thinking about it a lot lately. I arranged an outcall massage at an hotel I was staying at. Masseur arrived and we chatted a little beforehand. He was an Aussie and though not exactly rude he was a little abrupt.

Anyway I changed in en suite, showered and returned to room in towel. He proceeded to massage me back then front. I was draped in towel whole time. I got impression he was completely straight. Massage was very good and not in any way sensual/erotic which I wasn't expecting or wanted. I had some body aches and massage was relaxing with medium firmness. I'd say he was a very good masseur and could have easily worked at top range hotel/spa.

Anyway at end of massage I was lying on my back and he was finishing massaging my legs. Again, nothing sensual or erotic. As he finished he then tapped my crotch with back of his hand. I was quite shocked as nothing up to then indicated anything erotic was going to happen plus I was shocked at him touching me in such an intimate place.

I think as well it was the light tap with back of his hand that was also weirdly stimulating and I immediately became aroused (something that usually doesn't happen so quickly for me). I think it was the shock of what he'd just done because it came out of nowhere and he appeared to be completely straight.

Anyway, I was still draped in a towel and he then lifted the towel, looked at my arousal and smiled like he was really pleased at what happened. He then tossed towel to one side and proceeded to quickly do you-know-what. Again I was quite shocked at what was happening as it was so unexpected and I quickly had a very intense orgasm (something that usually doesn't happen so quickly for me). He then smiled broadly and non-chalantly said "Well I saw you were aroused so thought I'd finish that for you".

I was shocked and a little confused at what had happened and asked him if he felt weird at having done that. He simply shook his head and said "No, not at all". He then picked up his things and left.

I was a little puzzled at what happened as I still believe he was completely straight. He wasn't paid anything extra and didn't request any extra payment.

I think he just got off on surprising guys with the massage ending. Maybe it was a powerplay. I think what aroused me so much was the shock at what had happened as there'd been no indication at all during the massage, or in his demeanor, that anything of a sexual nature would occur.
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