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My very first time and how I got into hotwives and vixens.

1st August 2022 - 23:29 | London, East London

It was a few months back. I was new in London, really lonely and I posted on reddit looking for friends. Surprisingly, I got message from a guy telling me that my description matched with what they were looking for and he asked me if I wanted to have sexual experiences with his girlfriend. He said they were looking for someone around my height (5.7-ish), who is gentle and inexperienced. Even though I was 26, I was a virgin, it was such a mental pressure,  I was desperate for some experience. But at the same time I'm I was a bit hesitant, because I didn't know if they were genuine or if they were someone who wanted to do any harm or something but I trusted the man's words and gave it a go.

Next day I met with the guy and he said that his girlfriend didn't know anything about me meeting her and the BF wanted to surprise her by presenting me. Then we planned how we would carry out this.

So we went to their house and I met her, she was indeed a very attractive sexy woman, wearing a white robe. Her bf said to her that I'd come to their house for some graphics design stuff. Then he left me with her alone, saying that he would try to find the design and meanwhile we should get to know each other. I started chatting with her. She said she was British Chinese and she was 28/29 (forgot the exact age). The conversation were being mostly platonic. Even though I was be shy but at some point I just thought, "fuck it, I'm gonna start flirting now" . So I switched up the conversation topic and started complimenting her looks and how hot he was. She really liked the sudden shift and was receptive of the compliments. Meanwhile, her BF came back and said, "he didn't even see what you are hiding underneath and complimenting looking at your face, imagine what he says if sees you without the robe! " and then she goes like, "you want to see what's inside?" She threw away her robe and did a 360, revealing her black transparent dress. I could see her perky boobs, her nice petite body and her big ass. She asked me if I had any sexual experience. I said no, and then she he leaned to me, took me by my hand and started taking off my belt and unzipping my jeans. I stopped her and said I wanted to experience kissing first and there she was- my very first kiss. I obviously wasn't doing it right, so she guided me through it and then I started kissing her neck and then her boobs, while my hands roaming underneath her black panty. Her bf was watching us making out all this time.

After some time, she took me to her bed and took off my my pants and boxer, ready to give me a blowjob. As soon as she sucked my cock in with her soft lips, I felt like I was in heaven. She obviously was very skilful at it. The sensation were very strong and I couldn't hold it much longer, and I came after a few minutes. She was like, "wow, you came a lot". She took all the cum from my body and started rubbing them on her breasts and neck and tasting it. I felt a bit overwhelmed, physically and emotionally, so laid down on the bed and cuddled with her. That was a very wholesome moment because we spoke about many things, making jokes and everything. After some time, I became hard again and told her that I was ready for the next round.

It was the time for penetration. She put the condom on my cock and then I started fucking her in missionary position, with her legs lifted straight up . There it was- my very first time, entering into a pussy, I could feel the warmth. I don't know how long I was doing it but at some point I felt that my legs were getting too exhausted to support the body. This made me a little bit aggressive, and instead of me stroking, I grabbed her body, pulling her back and forth on my cock. That sensation was so strong that I came in for the second time. When I pull it out. I saw my condom was covered with her cum . She took off the condom and drank the cum from inside (crazy, right? haha). And then she gave me another blowjob and I became hard again lol. Unfortunately they needed to go to their work, so there is no more time to go for another round.

I thought that was the dream way for me to lose my virginity. Not only that, this also shaped my interests into hotwives and vixens. Since then, I have had a few more experiences with hotwives but I still remember her the most and I'm grateful that she gave me such beautiful experience and made me comfortable and confident about my body. I wish I could see her again.
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