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Thoughts of being breastfed ABF ANR

18th January 2024 - 0:52 | London, Walthamstow

I wake up after having a lovely dream of nursing from your incredible breasts. The last thing I remember is you caressing my head and saying “I made all this milk just for you sweet boy. Make sure not to waste any”. When I wake, my heart drops that the dream is over. I need her sweet milk. . Then to my delight, you are here. Sleeping on her side, is my beautiful titty mamma peacefully catching her last hour of needed rest. I pull back the sheet to see if it’s possible to have an early breakfast. My moods is swept with joy and relief as the receding sheets show no sign of a night shirt or blouse. I draw back the sheets further still and begin unveiling the top of your beautiful tanned breasts and a heartwarming cleavage. They are swollen from producing so much milk. I pull the covers past the your entire breast to reveal them in all their glory. They take my breath every time. I could just admire them like this for as long as she will let me. Since you are still asleep, I indulge myself, and I do just take in their incredible beauty with my eyes. Their fullness, their incredible size almost appearing to burst, those veins providing extra energy to her breasts, all to produce milk just for me. It’s incredibly heartwarming. Her darkened areolas with those beautiful bumps. I can tell which breast I’m suckling from the pattern of those bumps just like reading Braille. And those gorgeous nipples, excite me to no end, conjuring countless positive feelings. They not only satisfy my need for nourishment, bonding, comfort and affection, but also stimulate erogenous thoughts and carnal desire. They (nipples) prominently extend far from her areolas and with a girth not unlike the width of a pencil eraser, just big enough where I can playfully tug them with my lips between kisses and suckles. Their ability to seduce my mouth are so overwhelming I could melt just from the desire for them. I cuddle up close to your heaving bosom and kiss each breast at the cleavage. They are so close to being engorged, I can feel their aching to be nursed. My kisses bring a seemingly collective sigh to your breasts, and milk begins to bead up on your nipples. You instinctively lean away for a moment so I can free your bottom breast and orient her areola and nipple towards my mouth. You then scoot closer and open your knees so we can interlace our legs and arms for a comfortable cuddle and nursing position. I playfully kiss your nipple then swirl my tongue around the outer edges of her sensitive and responsive skin. This move causes your areola to immediately constrict, pushing your nipple upward and outward, increasing its length and girth to prepare for an optimal latch. I empathise with your nipple’s recent erection and intense desire to be inside somewhere warm and cozy. I oblige your beautiful needy nipple and bring my mouth to your breast, my tongue wets my lips, sealing them across your areola. I feel the tension in your body immediately leave your body and feel your torso collapse onto me. You purr to me ‘there you go baby, take mama’s sweet milk’. My mouth creates a vacuum and causes your areola to thrust further into my mouth. My tongue makes a warm u-shaped cradle for your thick and lush nipple, and carries her to the roof of my mouth. Your nipple bursts into a full letdown and sprays your sweet milk into the back of my mouth. When I release pressure to swallow the white gold, your areola retreats for a split moment then is thrusted back to the same position and your nipples sprays more goodness into my mouth. I find the perfect suckle rate for your breast’s milk flow and keep pace with the quicker than average flow. You were really full today baby. I can’t help but see the fun irony in how rapid your nipple is thrusting in and out of my palate with pleasure (your soft approving moans would attest), while spraying my mouth with your life-giving milk. ‘That’s it sweetie, take all my that milk. My breasts are so full this morning.’
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