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I was seduce by 3 mature ladies and will do it again.

10th December 2022 - 11:59 | London, East London

I fell homes a short while ago and was invited to stay at this lady house, I'm 45 and she is 68, everything was going fine and normal then one evening she had 2 frie ds round, bot ladies and around her age. Everyone was drinking but I called time out and went to Bath and then to bed. There were no locks on any of the doors but I made them aware I was going to Bath. Whilst bathing one of the ladies frie ds just walked in and said sorry but she needed the toilet, I said OK and looked away, she wen to the toilet and said thanks and said to me look, she had opened her pussy wide open, she cam over to me and put her hand in the bath and started to touch me, she then put her hand behing my head and one leg on the bath and pulled my head into her pussy. I started to lick her and suck her clit I was now getting hard and also started playing with her pussy, she pulled the plug on the bath and once the water got low enough she started sucking me. It was amazing. Not long after the lady of the house entered and we were both startled however she said don't mind me and she went to the toilet, the water had now drained and the lady of the house came over and sprayed me with shaving foam, lots of too then got a razor and started shaving my chest to begin and then asked me to stand up. I did, she shaved me all over and whilst she was doing this sher friend was undressing her and started playing with her, it was amazing. They were in the bathroom with me for about 30 mi utes and then her 3rd friend came and said she needed the toilet and asked what was going on. They opened the door to her she then said let me have a go and then she got undressed and grabbed my hand and made me tough her pussy. It was mentioned that we leave the bathroom so we did. I was asked to lay on the floor so I did and the lady of the house walked off the 2 friends were all over me and then o e got on top a d put my cock in her and her friend got on my face, the home owner came out with a bag a d a box full of toys she asked her friend on my cock to get up and then I felt something going on my cock, it was a vacum pump wow what an experience that was she pumped it and pumped it and it was starting to feel uncomfortable I said this but she carried on, next thing my had was taken and I was now being tied then my ned hand and the my lext but my legs were opened and tied but there was some stick attached to the ties and this kept my legs opened. My cock felt like it was going to explode my balls hae even been susked into the pump. They was completely in control and all over me then the pump was removed and one of the ladies was using it on her, I was pulled up with my hands and legs still tied and my legs spread. I was forced forward and now bending over and having my ass locked and played with, I was then covered cock and ass with a lube gel and then had my as finger 1, 2 and then 3 I think I was having my cock teased with a vibrator and then out come the viagra and was given 3. The whole evening just went on and on. Everything took place from fisting, insertions, bdsm and the even took photos. Anyway, after this evening it became a regare thing with the lanady and her friends and different ones too. What a d experience a d would happily be seduced by a group of ladies again older or younger.
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