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34F rack and all the guys stare.

30th January 2023 - 17:21 | London, East

My gf has 34F tits and they are massive. They are the most stunning boobs I have ever seen better than most porn stars in fact. They appear even bigger on her as she has a narrow waist and quite slim legs and is 5' only. Most busty women have great big thighs and big arses too.
After 5 years with her I have always noticed how guys hone in her huge rack whenever we are out.
Recently at a trade fair she was talking in ernest to a sales guy and his eyes the whole time were fixated on her chest. I must admit I get really turned on by this. I stood there thinking yeah go on mate have a good ogle and tonight you will probably wank your cock on the memory of it.
At a party once she wore an elasticated strapless minidress which showed off the size of her assets to full affect. She became very tipsy , I was driving and I remember overhearing part of her conversation with this guy that was there. The bits I remember her saying were " I am a size 14 up here and only a 10 down here" pointing to her legs.
A few minutes later I heard him say " I can't wait to see those" while ogling her boobs.
I always wondered if she quickly gave him an eyeful in the loo or somewhere that night as it would have taken a second in that dress to whip them out in front of him.
Needless to say that night I gave her a right seeing to thinking about her flirty behaviour that I overheard.
Do any other guys with busty wives/gf's get turned on by guys looking at your woman?
It turns me on all the guys staring and I end up imagining them later getting their hard cocks out and wanking over the thought of spurting masses of cum all over them.
Amongst the people we know I am convinced that some guys married to her friends etc fantasize over her tits too especially the ones with flat chested women.
It would be good to hear the thoughts from other guys with busty women.
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