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I like it smelly 🤷‍♂️

15th May 2024 - 20:34 | London, Surrey

I have no idea when it started. Some time through my teens as I was getting sexually active I guess. Stumbling across a pair of my friends mums knickers and having a curious sniff I never thought it would lead me to the obsession I write about today.
But it’s true, I’m totally obsessed and possibly addicted to vaginas. I love everything about them, the taste, the feel, the texture, the look, everything. I’ve never seen one or experienced one I haven’t liked. And that goes for wide ones, tight ones, hairy ones, saggy ones, strong smelling ones, creamy messy ones, it’s true, they are all uniquely beautiful.
Every woman I walk past I imagine being their pussy slave, thinking about licking vagina takes up most of my day. It even haunts my dreams with an aching erection waking me from them.
I have managed to explore this kink of mine a little, but not with my wife, who is far too prude and squeamish and unfortunately due to medical issues not that sexually active anymore.
Back when Craigslist worked I managed to meet two women who used me for their pleasure. One lady was very large and the other in her early sixties, one Married. We would meet occasionally anywhere we could for prolonged oral sessions on them, it was never reciprocated cos I never needed it, and serving them was part of the kink.
My fantasy is to orally service a group of women without getting anything in return, the bigger the stronger smelling the better. But how do I go about making that happen???
Would very much like to explore more women so writing this in the hope it gives a lady the confidence to get in touch and use me.
Thank you for reading.

I’m a 39 year old good looking guy who is totally normal on the streets but has embarrassed kinks.
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