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Look but don't touch

9th May 2023 - 22:07 | Leeds, Horsforth

I am a man in his mid-30s, 5'11 athletic build and take pride in my appearance. I am secure, successful and in a happy and fulfilling relationship with my long term girlfriend. However, I do, at times, let my thoughts wander.

It is a huge kink of mine to watch and be watched by other women. I love the thought of each narrative running away with itself in a raw and instinctive manner - infinite possibilities, none of which will ever be realised and will remain in that moment. It is the unknowns that entice me so much - the actions and reactions - and I have never let my desire push beyond this boundary. It is the fact that I can only watch and let my thoughts run that is such a turn on. I have met with people online a number of times before and it has been a lot of fun. I have little interest in lengthy email exchanges or collecting pictures but a video call on Skype with the right person really excites me. We both have what the other wants but will never have. I'm interested in meeting new women who are intrigued by this arrangement and have their own desire to explore.

Another huge fantasy, and one never realised, would be to take this beyond a video call. Again, I'm not looking for any contact of any sort, but to be present in a shared public space at the same time and for it to be more than a coincidence would send me into overdrive. Browsing the shops and knowing full well that we are there to browse one another. Maybe we'd agreed in advance to wear a fragrance or a certain item of clothing to really send those senses into overdrive. My heart is pounding as I write this and I hope that you get the same buzz from reading. If so, I hope to speak soon.

I'm open to travel and for you to contact me directly on Sky.pe: Ben89w
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