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Nanny experience

20th June 2023 - 15:54 | London, London

I’m a professional nanny and these things usually happen to other people, or on TV.
I worked for a very nice family for several years. They travel very often. This was one of the occasions when the father of the family went first on a business trip and then he was to join them few days later. I was to have time off. When I found out where he was travelling (I leave that detail out-just in case..), I just mentioned that I love that city and wouldn’t mind visiting it again.. It was just a normal, non-suggestive conversation that lasted just a few seconds.
Later during the day, when we happen to be for few minutes (seconds possibly) alone, he asked me if I’d like to come to that city too. I’d have my own room. I’ve nodded. He smiled and asked if I won’t tell anyone. I think he knew that I would want to keep it secret from my husband!
We haven’t spoke about it until he forwarded me via email travel and hotel itinerary. My husband thought I went there with family (what I used to do in the previous employment).
We traveled and checked in separately. It was a very nice hotel in a very nice city, which I explored during the day. All day I was thinking what would happen in the night.. when that time came, he texted if he could come around. I was quite excited by then.. Once inside my room he asked if I had a good day, if I’ve eaten and few more pleasantries.. Then he asked if I would want to play under his command. I asked what does he exactly mean. He didn’t want to give any details and said it’s ok not to. But if I did, I had to give him complete control, not to ask any questions and do as I was told. My curiosity got better of me and agreed under the condition that he always uses protection. That’s how I ended up blindfolded and tided up to the bed and the nice and professional man I used to know changed completely… let’s say that there was almost nothing gentle about our encounter, but I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. This is how I got totally absorbed into sub role.
We continued meeting in hotels 2-5 times a month. He would text me that he needed me to babysit for a client at hotel xyz at this or that time. He’d pay me as he would normally for babysitting (ok, I have to admit, he was more generous), so my husband wouldn’t suspect anything. Later on, on few occasions, his client joined us too. All these adventures lasted couple of years, before family moved to a different continent.
It’s needless to say that absolutely nothing at all has ever happened in the family house. Not even “secret touches”, any remarks.. nothing at all. It was as if it never existed. We knew we can trust each other.
Now, few years of reminiscing, I would only hope to find a similar situationship, if there’s anyone who could find himself in this description (must be very assertive in bedroom).
I’m 46, size 16/18, Caucasian, 5ft6, long hair .
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