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Somebody Else’s Wife

12th September 2023 - 5:20 | Essex, Essex

I stand behind her and feel her lovely body. Rubbing my hands over her lovely chubby tits and belly. Kissing her neck as my hands roam over her soft flesh. Taking a boob in each hand and slipping her nipples between my fingers, squeezing gently and feeling the buds harden.
My cock hardening behind her and rubbing against her fleshy buttocks. As I caress her lovely folds of flesh and skin.

Sliding a hand from her ample breasts, I slowly trace a path down her plump stomach. Taking time to give it a squeeze and caress the fleshy skin. Travelling lower to her satin panties, I slide a a couple of fingers on the waist band, she leans back into me. Grinding her her taught buttocks against my harding cock.
My fingers push further into the soft shiny material of the panties. Feeling the heat rising from her womanhood. The fingers are greeted by the soft skin, of her pubic mound. Lower I push and her body reacts to the sensation. Her nipples harden, once more and her mouth opens and emitting a groan. She is driving me crazy, rubbing her panty covered arse against my hard, throbbing cock.
Driven by lust I groan as my fingers push further down, brushing the skin of her mound. Coming into contact with her soft skin of her clit. She jolts and purrs with pleasure as the blood rushes to her clit, it starts to harden as I gently rub the sensitive skin.

With my left hand I squeeze her breasts and tweak her hardened firm nipples. Gripping her clit with the right hand, I pull gently on it, giving her sensations that drives her pleasure to new heights of passion.
Pushing further down, I feel her plump vaginal lips, slick with her juices, hot with the heat that’s emitting from her core.
Rubbing those plump lips, only adds to the wetness, that’s literally dripping onto my fingers. Groaning she pushes downwards onto my fingers, the moist walls of her cunt, gripping the invading fingers. Coating them with her womanly scent and juices.

Withdrawing the invading digits from her hot tight cunt, slick with her juices and the pungent aroma of her erotic excitement.
I raise the hand to my face, the pungent scent filling my nostrils, driving my senses into overload. As I go to taste her juices from my fingers, she turns her head.

Quite to my carnal excitement, she extends her tongue and licks her own wetness from my soaked fingers. That’s a sight that any man can’t deny is sexy as hell. My cock although hard, with the erotic sight of her licking her own juices. Somehow gets harder and jolts as the blood forces it’s way through the veins. It throbs painfully as she licks along my fingers and ensures, that there’s none of her nectar left coating the long thick fingers.

My hard throbbing cock is aching for some kind of further excitement as it rubs between your wife’s chubby arse cheeks and thighs.
Painting her satin panties with pre-cum, leaving traces of wetness against the shiny material.

The sexual aroma of her excited pussy, is wafting in the air of the room. Her face flushed from the blood rushing around her body. Her breathing heavy with passion as she turns and puts both hands on my shoulders. Her breasts heaving with excitement and her nipples hard and taught, pushing into my chest. Pulling me closer she, whispers into my ear.
“ I need you to lick my pussy, push your tongue real deep into my wetness, bring my to an orgasm that will leave me wanting nothing but your hard cock inside me, your hands caressing my body and your boiling hot cum deep inside me”

This is an extract from an experience of seducing another man’s wife. With their mutual consent, he wanted me to enjoy his wife.
Naturally it was a very erotic experience, one that I’d enjoy again, with or without a husbands consent.
Let me know your thoughts, if it’s one you fantasise about or want to tick off your bucket list.
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