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Encounter with a horny housewife

7th March 2024 - 7:45 | Kent, Gravesend

Before Christmas I was in my local supermarket that begins with S. It was late in the evening, and I had purposely gone that late to avoid the Christmas throng of crowds.
It was fairly empty and as it was late the staff were restocking shelves, which was a bonus too.
Anyway, while browsing I had noticed a very cute looking lady, she looked to be around my age (50's) with long, dark hair and was dressed in jeans, boots, jumper and coat. Nothing remarkable but she had a lovely smile and had that look of 'fun' about her. I did notice she was wearing a wedding ring. During the course of the store we kept finding ourselves in the same aisle, we did exchange smiles a couple of times, but on this occasion I did ask her if she was following me!! She laughed and replied "I thought you were following me", which I was in a way.
This kept happening throughout the store. I had then reached the checkouts and was in process of bagging and paying. By now I had lost track of her but as I exited she had somehow got in front of me on the way to the car park.
I followed without saying anything and started to load my car, her car was parked further up the rows. As I only had a few bags mine was quick to do and as I took my trolley to the return hut I saw her struggling to get some bags into her boot.
I asked if she would like a hand, she looked laughed and told me "that would be great please"
So I quickly helped get her bags into her boot for her. "Thank you so much", she replied, "That was a real help" I replied telling her it was my pleasure etc, etc. She than asked if she could be any favour for me? I think I must have blushed at that point and I kind of mumbled a "Well, yeah, kindof" reply. Don't think she heard that though as she opened the back door and told me to get in.
What followed was 10 minutes of the horniest fun I have had in ages. Lots of kissing, fingering (she got so, so wet) and sucking of her tits and my cock. Ended the session with me giving her a huge mouthful of cum, there was so much that some dribbled down her chin and onto her tits.
"God, that was good" she replied and followed with a "Wish my hubby would do that to me". We kissed again and then went our seperate ways.

Not seen her again, yet but would love to repeat that encounter.
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