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The first time I had sex ...

3rd June 2024 - 23:17 | Essex, Shenfield

It was a long time ago since I experienced sex for the first time. I was 18, and had never had a girlfriend where any sexual contact took place. When I left school, my parents moved from NW England to the London area and I moved too. I had no friends in London and I would drive to my home town once a month to spend a weekend with my friends. One weekend, my best friend introduced me to a very attractive young woman. She wore makeup, and dressed like a woman, unlike the girls I had known when I was at school! Her first words were "I've heard a lot about you!", which was a surprise! That weekend, I saw her a few times along with other friends, and before I drove back to London, I asked her out next time I was there.

She was actually around my age, although she appeared to be more mature than I was. I guessed from some of the things she said that she was not a virgin! She told me she had read a book along the lines of "What a woman needs to know about sex", and as a teenage lad without any experience, I was intrigued. We went out for a drink one evening, and whilst we were in the pub, I was thrilled at seeing her black bra under her blouse. Then I took her home, and on the way we stopped off in a quiet spot and sat in the car listening to Radio Luxembourg and chatting.

It was the first time I'd been alone with a young woman after dark, and I felt so excited. She was wearing a buttoned blouse, with the top few buttons undone, I leaned over to kiss her, and my hand just couldn't resist touching her breast. She seemed to like it, and she didn't stop me, so I started to unbutton her blouse. I put my hand inside her bra, and felt her lovely tit and nipple - the first time I'd ever felt a woman! We carried on kissing, and by now I had lifted her bra to expose both tits.

I wanted to kiss them, and she obligingly reached behind her back and unfastened her bra. What a moment! I was already stiff - a teenage boy playing with tits for the very first time! She was wearing a skirt, and a bit of leg was visible just above the knee. It didn't take me long to put my hand on her leg, and slide slowly up under her skirt. I knew she was wearing stockings, and that was another first - my previous few girlfriends had been of school age, and not particularly fashionable. I hadn't got far under her skirt when the stockings finished, and I was touching her inner thigh, which was quite clammy. Her stockings were held up by suspenders, and I had zero experience of them! I touched her through her black knickers, and slid them aside to touch her furry pussy, the very first time I had done so with anyone. What a thrill! I couldn't yank them down, since the suspenders were in the way, but she undid one, and invited me to do the rest!

Whilst I learned to undo suspender clasps with one hand, she had reached over, undone my zip, and popped my stiffy out. It didn't take long for me to pull her knickers off and go straight for it! What a sensation that was... but being a young man, and this being my first time, I didn't last long and had to pull out fast! We had sex a number of times after that, until one day she refused... and said she had met someone else. The other chap was 23 and had a sports car, so that was that.

Now I'm retired but still as horny as hell, and I often think back to that first time, and long to do it again. I want to meet a lady who would enjoy helping to recreate the experience. The difference of course is that being far more experienced now, I know about foreplay, the clitoris, and pussy licking etc. which I didn't know then, I'm able to control my climax, and perhaps with an older woman there would be no need to pull out. If you would like to help recreate this for me, I would love to hear from you. If you don't already have black lingerie, stockings, suspenders, or a skirt it need not be a problem, as you can buy what you need, and I'll reimburse you when we do this!

Your marital status and age is not an issue, although you must be 18 or over obviously! I would love to hear your thoughts or ideas about doing this, or maybe you just want to tell me about your first time, and whether you would like to recreate that too, even if it may not be possible to meet right now. If you are not comfortable with the idea of outdoors in a car, please suggest what you might be OK with!

This will be totally discreet for both.
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