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Masseur Went Too Far

10th February 2024 - 15:38 | London, London

This is something I've been thinking a lot about. It happened a number of years ago. I was trained in a complementary therapy (not massage) and I met a guy to do a skill swap (he was a masseur).

I practised my therapy with him. He had a bit of an unpleasant personality and a few times I could feel myself wanting to lose my temper with him. However, he eventually settled down and the session went well.

Then it was my turn for him to practise his skill. I went into another room to change and returned wearing a towel. I hate wearing underwear when being massaged and until then had no issues with previous masseurs.

Anyway he proceeded to massage me. It was a very good massage, as good if not better than any professional massages I'd received. He massaged me both back and front. I was draped with the towel at all times and was not naked at any point.

Anyway, the massage was finished and I felt very relaxed.

I was lying on my back when he tapped my crotch with the back of his hand. I was shocked as it was deliberate and I felt myself getting an erection. He simply stood there and watched my erection grow. I could feel the towel begin to tent. He then lifted the towel and simply watched until the erection was fully grown. He then tossed the towel aside and then simply enclosed my erection in his hand and gently began masturbating me. He didn't touch any other part of my body. I remember looking up at his face and seeing this smirk on it.

He then started to gradually increase speed, I felt my erection become firmer and after about a minute or so I ejaculated. He then smirked even more and looked very pleased with himself. He then placed the towel over me and wiped me clean. After that he simply packed up and acted like nothing had happened and left.

It was very unexpected. I'd presumed he was straight (in fact I suspect he was) and I've no idea why he jerked me off.

I did feel afterwards that I'd been taken advantage of sexually without warning. I was perfectly happy with an ordinary massage and wasn't wanting anything sexual to happen (I actually didn't particularly like him as a person).

However, I've never had such a firm erection or cum so quickly before. I think it was the shock of his behaviour and the adrenaline flowing that made me so aroused and the body just took over after he touched me inappropriately.

I still don't know why he jerked me off as the massage wasn't sensual in the slightest. I can only presume he wanted to get one over on me, sexually humiliated me. I've no idea. I'm still confused thinking about it. It also still arouses me.
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