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Cleaner at a hotel

25th April 2024 - 11:26 | Brighton, Brighton

I've never told anyone this. A few years ago now I used to work as a cleaner for a large hotel. I was just finishing my shift and at the time had been going through a rough patch with my bf. I'm not sure why but as I was about to leave I remembered I hadn't checked in on one of the larger en suites we have to make sure there was enough toilet roll, clean sheets etc. Normally I'd just leave but as this was one of the more premium rooms I thought I'd quickly check it.

I quickly walked up to the room but brought my bag with me as was planning on going straight home after I checked the room. I knocked and had no answer from anyone so thought it was ok to go in. I entered, closed the door behind me and walked down the short hallway to then get to the bedroom to find a large older guy fully naked laying on the bed slowly stroking his rather large cock.

I was very shocked and quickly apologised. He got up and told me not to worry and said I should stay and help him out. He came over to me and pulled my bag off of my shoulder and stood near me as I was backed up against the wall. He took my right hand and placed it around his cock and I slowly started to wank him. He was like see baby you like daddies big cock don't you.

Obviously more happened and I remember feeling so slutty. My bf at the time never found out either

Has anyone else had a similar experience? Curious to know
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