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My wife was almost stripped by a group of my friends..

9th May 2024 - 11:20 | Brighton, East Sussex

We are in our 60’s now but my wife is still petite, slim and pretty. Sadly she has never shown a strong sexual appetite but there are have always been signs that given the right circumstances and man/men things could have been very different.
We got married when I was 25 and she was a year older, most of my male friends were still single and were very taken with my wife who was always very shy and innocent around them.

We lived in a rented small place in the country about half an hours drive from my hometown and every 6 weeks or so 3 of my old friends would drive over and we would go to the local pub for a few drinks, sometimes my wife would come with us and sometimes she wouldn’t.
Anyway on one of these occasions they talked her into coming with us and actually got her to drink more than usual so that she was a little tipsy when we got home.

She went off to make coffee when we got home and the 4 of us guys started to play poker.
When she brought the coffee in they all asked if we had any brandy to have with it and then insisted she have one too, which she did. They suggested she join us but she said she didn’t know how to play poker so it was suggested we play pontoon instead.

Well after a few rounds and with her becoming more relaxed one of them suggested we make it more interesting and play strip pontoon, pointing out there was 4 men and only one woman so the odds were in her favour. She didn’t agree but they just decided we were playing it anyway and when one of them lost the first couple of rounds they took of jumpers etc….
Then my wife lost a round …..my heart was in my mouth as I wondered what she would do.
My friends pointed out that she had watched them lose things and that it was her turn and kept pressurising her to take something off and eventually she took off the scarf she had been wearing round her neck, with many complaints and assertions that she wasn’t really playing.

Anyway to cut a long story short, they kept topping up her brandy and urging her to keep playing and eventually had her stripped down to her very lacy gossard bra and matching skimpy virtually see through panties. At this stage 2 of them were down to their pants and had very clear erections, one still had slightly more…but sadly she absolutely refused to play anymore but she didn’t rush to get dressed and as the others got dressed to leave she stayed just in her underwear.

Once they’d left I literally fell upon her and she was the wettest she’d ever been, but refused to talk about it or discuss what had happened. However what had happened was repeated on several occasions later, but always the same scenario ..she being the only woman present with several men.

Years later I discussed it with one of the friends who had been involved, who had been my best man and with whom I am still friends and found out that if only they had known how happy I was with the situation and how much I would have liked them to have her then they would have made sure they took all the way.

So what a pity we have never been in the company of several strong willed dominant men who would be comfortable enough with each others presence to encourage my wife to become the submissive slut that she really is at heart…knowing that I am not going to object or stop them….
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