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Erectile Dysfunction

3rd July 2024 - 12:18 | Edinburgh, Edinburgh

I'm in my late 50s and been married for years. My sex life tailed off years ago but I've always been a happy wanker. Sadly she has health issues to contend with too nowadays and she goes to bed earlier than me, so I fill some of the the time stroking.

I know I'm no catch nowadays, but raunchy online chats and online ads along with the usual sites kept me happy. If anything, hiding behind a keyboard emboldened me. I could pretend to be a 30 something woman for the evening. I could explore acts I knew would never happen with my vanilla missus - hell, chatting with guys as they wanked was a bit of a kick.

However, a few years ago I started not being able to keep it up. It was a gradual thing. Wanking still did the job, but it took longer. Wiping it off the walls became watching it ooze out eventually. Sometimes I'd just think "Sod this I've a book to read".

I put it down to just ageing and just though it happens to every guy at some point. After all, could you imagine the carnage in the nursing homes if the geriatrics were still able to get it up?!

Then came a TV documentary earlier this year about Viagra. TBH I'd never thought about it. It was just ageing wasn't it? I sort of looked at buying them online, but was reluctant to splash out so I could err splash out.

I found an article about low testosterone leading to ED and seemed to tick all the symptom boxes. I plucked up the courage to speak to my GP. He was so understanding, I couldn't have wanted a better reaction. So, tests done, not low T, and more testing to be done.

But he prescribed me some little blue pills.

Now because the missus is in no position to help out, I was feeling a bit guilty about the pills, and aprehensive so I haven't told her. I sort of wanted to make sure they worked first before casually mentioning them.

Anyway, one day I had the house to myself, took a pill and went on with my day. After about an hour I wasn't spontaneously hard but sat down with some porn. Yep, did the trick. A lovely hard cock, a great wank, perhaps an hour or more of just playing with myself. I honestly didn't want to cum I was enjoying myself so much. Eventually I knew it was time to finish and allowed myself to cum. No real change in the speed, but I didn't care.

So, if you are like me, can't get it up like you used to, have a word with your GP. Now writing this has given me the urge, so I'm off to play a bit more.
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