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Polish woman in Piccadilly nightclub tricking guys into buying her drinks

Posted over a year ago | London, London

The other day I went out clubbing on my own, because all my friends were busy and I didn't want to stay in on a Saturday night. So I ended up going to Tiger Tiger (crap nightclub I know), but anyway, while I was dancing, a Polish woman crashed into me and then gave me a big smile. I'm sure she did it to get my attention. So I spoke to her and we started to dance together.

After around 5 minutes of dancing together she asks me why I am not drinking, and I said "I have been drinking, but I am dancing now and I don't want to spill my drink everywhere". Then she says "Let’s get a drink together. Come on." When she said that I knew she wanted to ponse off me and I said "Nahhhh I'm ok. You get a drink if you want to, but I am ok as I am". Then she says "Oh come on, let’s have fun tonight. Come on lets drink and have some fun." When she said that, I though maybe she wants sex, because "fun" usually means "sex", lol

So then I thought ok let’s get a drink, so we go to the bar and I buy her and myself a drink. Now I swear this is true. As soon as she gets her drink, her smile drops and she says "I want to see my friend" and so we go to see her friend, when we find her friend she doesn't want to talk to me anymore. She just totally blanks me. So I just called her a gypsy and walked off.

I was more upset than I normally would be, because I was on my own that night. She was lucky I am a nice guy and all I did was insult her after she tricked me. If she carries on tricking guys like that, getting their hopes up, getting them to buy her stuff, then totally dropping them and becoming rude after. She will not last long, because some guys can't take stuff like that. They will want revenge - and that can be dangerous when you are dealing with total strangers.

To women who trick guys into buying them drinks, you are playing Russian roulette. If you do it to the wrong guy, you will be sorry. Be careful and be decent. Don’t ask anyone to buy you a drink and be careful who you accept drinks from or you may end up in a sticky situation.
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