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How I miss the pre-covid work trips

14th March 2022 - 8:52 | London, Chelsea

A married work colleague and I were on a business trip, before the days of covid and taking for granted the freedoms of safely staying up late drinking in our hotel bar.

She had always had great confidence and after a handful of drinks she asked me 'what do you like,' in a slow eloquent tone of voice. I sat and thought about what I was being asked as a I really didn't want to be wrong about this - it would be embarrassing and detriment our working relationship if I was to be. She asked me again 'you know, what do you like?' Tamely at first but after about 5 minutes we were sharing our fantasies.

Her fantasies were to be a call girl for one night only, to a very refined gent. She told me she had tried 'everything else,' and went on to tell me about her Uni days and gradually steadier encounters as her life had gone on. Only in her 30s, she said to me that she'd like to find someone to message when she was feeling turned on and also to speak to them. Again I wasn't sure what was occurring and wished to be sure, so sat quietly, almost obediently, and she went on to say 'you have a nice manner, a nice voice.....'. I'm not looking to alter your world or mine but would love to know of someone like you who could be there for me in my times of need, and gave me a wink.

This time I didn't sit dumbly or quietly and in the eloquent way that she was now accustomed to, I asked her 'what if we were to? You know, what happens here stays here?' We then spoke that we would continue to enjoy our drinks and keep chatting, we weren't done yet and I could see that this was thrilling to her; I don't know if it was the alcohol or her heartpitvhing up a notch but her cheeks were invitingly flushed. She smiled, and this time looked at me up and down. Twice. Thrice. In itself arousing, and then asked if she may call me when we return to our rooms? I provided her my room number, and she reminded me she could call me on my mobile! 'Oh yes! I said, and we both laughed, holding eye contact and a smile that I remember to this day. It said 'have me.'

In our rooms I was almost fidgety with excitement. The phone rang and we spoke for several hours, each of us 'enjoying' ourselves during the conversation several times. She described loving the on demand excitement available to her immediately and all but insisted I call her 30 minutes before our meeting tomorrow to ensure her day 'gets off the the right start.'

In hindsight, it felt as though she had longed to ask me and I put this to her. She said I was indeed correct, that she didn't want just anyone to help her with this fantasy but a gentleman, as in her call girl fantasy, and someone whom she felt comfortable with and most importantly whose voice captured her. I was flattered and despite being the gent, was turned on instantly and had to cut her short to achieve yet another climax. She told me she loved it.

She then asked me what my fantasy was, laughing and saying 'I'm happy for this not to be all about me, you know.' I was taken a back; the prospect of anything more when i had never ever dreamt even of this, was exhilarating.

I told her I always wanted to be watched 'enjoying myself,' by somebody whom I knew. 'Oh really, Ive not tried that one, how did I miss out on that, she said with her longing laugh.' Again, I was quiet. She said 'hmmmm,' perhaps wondering the same thing that I was wondering. I was correct and she asked rather directly, 'what would you like the observer to be wearing? Did you like what I had on this eve?' She had been wearing a navy blue pencil skirt, small heels, pale tights and a transverse striped fitted sweater. 'YES' I blurted out. Again she laughed as warmly as she would do.

'What was your room number again' She said.

On the off chance you're reading this, get in touch. On the even more off chance that there's somebody warm out there who wishes to experience any or all of this, or just for a chat, do send me a message.
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